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Photo of Stocktaking Services Owner and Head of Stock Audit Bob MitaBob Mita, the proprietor of Stocktaking Services, is a Fellow of the Institute of Licensed Stock Auditors (ILTSA) and has over 38 years’ experience in handling, counting and controlling stock.

Bob Mita started Stocktaking Services, with the help of Clive Lucas (RIP) in 1981. They met in about 1973 when Bob was working for Canon Inns as a bar cellar man. He had been watching what Clive did with interest and this lead to a job with Venners in Tooley St London, learning the ropes of the clerical side of stocktaking and computers. A lot of experience was now built up attending many premier hotels in London, cricket grounds and of course many Berni and Chef & Brewer Inns.

Bob then moved back to the Midlands and a few years later joined Theakers of Wolverhampton and was based in Coventry. Further experience was now gained about food and retail stocktaking.

In 1980 Theakers had been bought out and redundancies followed so Bob with Clive’s help put together a battle plan to create a new and better business using the valuable knowledge and experience already gained.

So in August 1981 Stocktaking Services was born.

Over the past 30-odd years, the company has helped many bars, restaurants, golf clubs, hotels and shops to minimse their waste and maximise their profits. Bob has personally worked with thousands of venues and has helped them with everything from stock audits and till reconciliation to identifying their most profitable lines and even detecting theft.

One such occasion, involved a large chain of pubs in the 1980’s who awarded the landlord and landlady a holiday abroad for selling the most sherry.  Bob’s stock audit revealed,in fact, that the pub was selling very little sherry but the cleaner was helping herself to a bottle a day.  

Bob enjoys working with venues and employing his investigation skills.  You can rest assured that most of the time, your losses are not due to your staff helping themselves to your stock or profit. They are usually due to long-established wasteful practices which Bob can detect and correct.