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Are you looking for an experienced and reputable stock audit company in the West Midlands? 

Stocktaking Services typically performs stock audits for bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs and retailers who are frustrated over their low profit levels or are annoyed that stock seems to be disappearing or who are uncertain whether their business is doing OK or not. 

Photo of Barrels in a stock auditYou might not recognise any of these issues but if you do then you are not alone and Stocktaking Services can help.

Over our 38 years of stocktaking experience, we have helped venues to save, on average, between £5 000 and £10 000 a year.  We do this through a combination of effectively minimising waste (including detecting theft), improving the accuracy of your figures and using proven profit boosting strategies. 

You can find my effective strategies for maximising your profits and minimising your waste in my free e-book below.

The accuracy of your figures and the detection of excessive waste or theft requires a thorough stock audit and we advise that you have one completed every 4-13 weeks depending on the size of your business.  

Stocktaking is a very important aspect of running any licensed business. It is important to know that the cash collected for your sales equals the stock that has been used, and that your tills and other records all make sense in comparison. This helps identify loss of takings through misplaced, mis-sold or even stolen goods or cash, all of which affect your profits.  You may well be paying too much to the taxman who will tax you on your waste and stolen goods unless you can prove this stock has been wasted or stolen. 

Stocktaking Services are Midlands based, operating across:

  • West Midlands
  • Warwickshire
  • Leicestershire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Staffordshire

Call Bob Mita at Stocktaking Services today on 07940 880 366 or on 02477 988014 to discuss your next stock audit.

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